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You have found this site, therefore you are probably interested in exploring how to maintain health and transform illness and suffering, particularly from an ancient Chinese or Taoist perspective. My name is Ahmad Anthony Miles and I have been a practitioner in the inner tradition of acupuncture for the last thirty years. 

Ahmad Miles Acupuncture produces acupuncture benefits such as better health and general well being.

​Ahmad Miles Tao of Well Being is an educational program of seminars and instruction offered in Canada and the U.K.

The video above focusses on the generative theme of the Meeting Place, a theme underpinning my life and work, the work of the ancient Taoists, and it is a theme intrinsic to life, and therefore health. My book and the interactive seminars I conduct explore this theme in many different ways - ways that can help and support you face not only the challenges in your life, but also the hopes and aspirations of your beautiful, noble and sacred self.

We are all here to make a contribution and the greatest contribution we can make to our world is to become who we truly are. Disease and suffering often result from the difficulties we face individually and collectively in accomplishing this inescapable purpose. This website is part of my attempt to support you in the wonderful and miraculous journey of your healing and transformative life 

"The Meeting Place does not exist until you go there.

  It has no form.

  Without form it has no limit.

  Without limit it has maximum potential.

  The Meeting Place is everywhere." ​Tao of Well-Being, A.A.Miles.

"The inner work and training of the Taoists was to reverse the entropic process by aligning themselves with eternal principles and practices that could transform the material reality of the body at the cellular level"  Tao of Well-Being, A.A.Miles.